Monday, April 30, 2012

You've all been so busy!

So busy raising beautiful children, planning more, getting pregnant, preparing for Delhi, contemplating important life decisions. It makes me feel like I've been away for a VERY long time, even tho it's only been a couple of months. But I don't know why I'm so surprised, as you've always been a very active bunch. :)

Things are ticking along nicely here. We've settled back into Melbourne OK. Although truth be told, I'm really missing Sydney and the amazing friends we made there, as well as my hometown, Perth, and my beautiful family. I don't think we'll be in Melbourne for's too cold here, and grey. So I guess we'll see what life has in store for us at the end of the year when it's time to start planning our next move.

Speaking of planning, I feel like I should be planning baby number two by now. The longer we leave it, the bigger the gap will be between Griff and his brother or sister. But right now, I'm not in any hurry. Some days, I think it'll just be the three of us forever. Other days, I daydream about a little playmate for Griff and become a bit misty eyed.

I love having one child...I love the dynamic we have when it's just the three of us, going on adventures or spending lazy days in the house. We feel complete already as a family unit. But I also know that one more would be wonderful.

I guess my procrastination has a lot to do with my current happiness. I can't bear the idea of climbing on that rollercoaster again. Of waiting and worrying. I also feel so lucky to have one healthy little boy. Am I tempting fate or asking too much to try for another? And then there's the part of me that thinks I've already asked so much from so many it greedy to ask for more?

Anyway...I know we'll come to the right decision when we're ready. In the meantime, here's a cute photo of our adored child.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is it February already?

I was re-reading a few of my older posts and thinking to myself, I thought I knew how much I loved Griff back then, how full and rich it felt, but i gotta say, my love for him has grown with each passing day. Now I can't remember what life was like without him. He is the most wonderful, amazing thing that has happened to me and I am a changed person forever because of my love for him and the way he loves me.

I am surely the happiest, most grateful parent in the world. Apart from you guys :)

Here are a few things about my boy, from the top of my head:

1. Griff is a drooler. He has drooled since the day he was born and hasn't stopped. We go through at least three thick bibs a day. I wonder when he will stop but don't think about it too much. He is still experiencing the world through his mouth, which I tell everyone "will make him a sensual lover, one day". A bit cheeky, I know :)

2. He is a cuddle monster, but only for his Mummy and Daddy. He cuddles me at every opportunity. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, he will drop what he's doing and come running over to me, arms flung open, ready for a cuddle. I encourage it wherever and whenever I can. I live for these moments.

3. He is very physical. He already loves kicking balls (which my husband ADORES) and has started climbing on everything and spinning around in circles. He does a little 'happy dance' when he's happy, where he stamps his little feet and sings a little song. It's priceless and he always does it when he sees people he knows or is trying to impress someone (little girls, in particular).

4. He is just learning to hold my hand when we're out and about. Gosh I love holding my little boy's hand.

5. He has the sweetest nature and is incredibly patient. Since we've had him, he's been on over two dozen flights, lived in three different homes and stayed in a number of hotels. He always goes to sleep like a good boy and settles easily. He's a very easy baby in that way.

6. He loves his food! He'll eat anything we give him, including curry (he loves curry). He adores fruit and is starting to eat vegies, too, without me having to disguise them with sauces.

7. He growls when he's happy and when he's upset, like the little lion cub he is. He loves being sung too and will smile and laugh whenever i sing him his favourite song: You are my Sunshine. We've changed the lyrics a bit:

You are our sunshine, our only sunshine, you make us happy, when skies are grey
You'll always know dear, how much we love you, 'cause we'll tell you every day.
Griffin McMilsie, you are an angel, and you did fall from the sky above
into our arms where, we were waiting, to shower you with love.

8. He loves his family.

9. He gets sooooo bored when we hang around the house, so we don't. He goes on two outings a day. He's just started swimming lessons, goes to babytime at the library, playgroup and is about the start gymbaroo. While he's content to play by himself for a little while, he much prefers being out and about, experiencing the world.

10. Every day, we acknowledge how lucky we are to be looking after a little miracle. He is so full of love and has enriched our lives beyond words. We would do anything for our little angel-faced Griff bear, and he knows it.

Here are a few recent pics.

My 'scary' family. At it wasn't even Halloween.

Yum yum, mum. More corn on the cob, please.

I do try to wear co-ordinating bibs when I can.

Drinking milk with my best mate, Lucas. We don't live in the same city anymore, so we FaceTime.

Vegemite+beach=one happy boy

Friday, December 30, 2011

Griffin loves Muppsie

Happy New Year everyone. Hope you have a wonderful 2012.

I'm still reading your blogs!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy Days with Griff Monster

Our little boy's approaching 14 months and is growing and changing every day. He loves nothing more than zooming around the house with his walker and opening cabinets to see what he can 'play with' (ie break). He's taken a couple of steps on his own and claps his own efforts every time he does :)

He's decided he only needs one sleep a day now (bummer for us) and is Mr Independent. I can't wait for summer to kick in, so we can go to the beach for swims and picnic on the grass.

Unfortunately our landlord wants to move back into the house we're renting, so we've had to look for somewhere else to live. It didn't take us long, and we bought a little apartment on the weekend which is 10 minutes walk from the beach, albeit up a big hill. At least we'll keep nice and fit!

I can't wait to move into our new house and get settled. It has a lovely garden out the back and enough space for a playroom for Griff.

I miss my family so much every day. It's so hard being away from them. But we're heading home for a holiday in a couple of weeks and I know they will adore spending time with my little angel-faced boy x

Sunday, August 28, 2011

My boy is one!

Griff turned one last week and we celebrated this important milestone with our dear friends, Y and R, a very special couple we met at Phoenix Hospital, on our last night in India. They were just beginning their journey when we were getting ready to return home and we have been friends ever since. Three months ago, they brought their beautiful son home. We'd all been waiting such a long time to meet him and it was a joy to welcome him into our lives. I know Griff and Xavy will be great mates and feel very blessed to have met them.

Kerrie and Mark, I couldn't be happier for you. You are such a deserving couple and are already a beautiful family. Everyone else, good news is I have FINALLY bought a new modem and will be back on board blogging from now. Huzzah!

Griff just after an afternoon nap and before we went for a walk.

Griff and his mate Xavy.

Life's a beach :)

Enjoying special time with my Mum, when she came to visit.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

these are the moments

Sometimes the love i feel for griff is so intense that it comes gushing out of me and back into the solar system. It’s in these moments that life makes most sense – there is no distinction between the prosaic and the profound, or there shouldn’t be. Peace and love to u this Friday morning.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Long-overdue update

Sorry :) I've been keeping up with everyone's blogs, but I haven't had the time to update my own. It's very naughty, I know, and I hope you can forgive me.

Well, it's official, I have fallen completely and totally in love with my sonshine. He is such a good-natured, sweet and funny little thing. He loves being tickled and kissed on his tummy, adores hanging out with his buddy, Muppet, and is a really good eater and sleeper. He enjoys tummy time a lot more now and has started moving around the room, albeit backwards.

We spend a lot of our time on 'dates', exploring our surrounds and taking in the beautiful scenery. Even though Summer is over and we're beginning to rug up, we still enjoy going for walks and picnicking by the ocean. Life is a dream and being a Mum is the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Griff and I are off to Perth for a couple of weeks on Wednesday. I'm REALLY looking forward to hanging out with my family, but i dread being away from Timmy for so long. I don't know how he'll cope, being away from his sonshine for so long, but we will try to skype him as much as we can.

I hope you're all well and happy and enjoying your babies and pregnancies. Two of our very dear friends, who we met in India and who live in Sydney, went to pick up their son yesterday. We can't wait to meet him and Griff's looking forward to getting to know his new friend.

Here are a few pics of our delicious child. Enjoy!

We went to Melbourne for a holiday and stayed in a fancy hotel. Griff enjoyed his bath in the sink.

Mr Blue Eyes

Daddy hopes Griff loves the 'round ball' as much as he does

My beautiful boy with his proud Mummy just before a lovely dinner

Griff with his mate Muppet. They spend a lot of time hanging out on the rug.

And his best mate Lucas, born two days before him but already crawling :)

Yes, I love you both

What a you like his top? :)


Handsome man

Blueberry lips

A family day out - aren't they the best?

My completed Hope Quilt!! And chocolate cupcakes for Mum (even tho she wasn't in Sydney to eat them)

Taken on one of our 'dates'. We often have lunch by the ocean. Griff's terrific company and loves meeting new people. He smiles and smiles as if to say "yes, I am lovely. thanks for noticing".

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So much love

Griff is seven months old tomorrow. Wow, I can hardly believe it. Time has passed so quickly and he's changed so much during that period. Occasionally, I want to freeze time, so I can hold him like a baby forever. But then he'll do something really cool like giggle at my funny voices, flashing me the dimple on his right cheek and scrunching up his nose in pure pleasure as he does it.

He is growing into such a handsome young man, and so full of love. I'm in heaven every day with my gorgeous little lamb chop, and I couldn't be happier.

Love you guys - keep enjoying your pregnancies and babies!


his cousin thought he'd look cool in this season's latest bucket-chic

from Am, a year ago. and now it fits!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

wow - griff's first word?

Hi everyone! It's been a long time between posts, but I've been keeping up with you all and am so excited about charlie Cat's beautiful boy and girl's birth. Congrats, CC!

Here's a glimpse into an adoring Daddy and his loving son's night time ritual. If you listen closely, you'll notice Griff copy Tim when he says "wow".

So, by pure luck, we've managed to capture Griff's first word on film. I'm sure it's a word and not just a grunt...don't u think?


Thursday, December 30, 2010

i'll be back!

I'm heading home tomorrow, back to my modem that doesn't work. So if you don't hear from me for a while, know that I'm still reading your blogs, sharing every milestone and moment of happiness with you...I just can't comment. I hope to rectify this situation in the New Year.

In the meantime, here are a couple of cute pics of Griff and his adoring family to tide you over.

Love you lots, surro family. May 2011 be the best year yet, for all of you.


look what we found under the tree!

muppet loves her brother, even tho he steals a lot of the attention

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Congratulations Kerrie!

Now please give us some details...:)

And here are a few pictures of my beautiful boy tasting banana for the first time. This is his second attempt at solids, his first being a bit of pumpkin on Christmas day.


Oh, and this one's a bit old now, but I just found it on Mum's camera and I love it. My sweet, sweet angel-faced boy.

And one last one (I promise) of Griff and Grandad. Grandad wasn't feeling very well and had a stent put in a week before Christmas, so we had A LOT to celebrate this year. Bless you Griffster and Bless you (Grand)Daddy. I hope we have many more Christmases like these.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

firm in the family bosom

I'm home! And hence able to blog again. lol. Must do something about getting a new modem when I return, as I have missed you so!

Griffster has been enjoying playing with his Aunties and Uncles, Nana and Granddad and cousins. And little does he know, the best is yet to come, for nothing comes close to the joy of Christmas!

To think, it was a year ago we were waiting to hear the much anticipated news that we had a baby on the way. And now that he's here, my life feels like a fairytale.

Colours are brighter, food tastes better, I breathe more deeply and laugh more often. I have so much light in my life!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope this holiday finds you happy and healthy.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some photos!

I'm having one of those rare moments when I can post and see pics on my blog, so here goes. Enjoy the show!

Life is wonderful. I've never felt such contentment. I find myself crying with happiness most days. my poor son - he's going to associate joy with tears right from the onset. Lol.

Love you guys. I'm still here, reading your blogs and following your journeys. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Congratulations WHAM!

Again, frustratingly, Blogger won't let me comment. BLAERGH!!! It only happens to some blogs, and it depends on the day...but it's annoying the crap out of me.

You may have noticed I haven't blogged for a while. Not because I haven't wanted to, but because I can't. Argh!

Anyway...I'm having a rare moment of Blogger clarity, so let me use it to congratulate Will and Michael on the birth of Harry. Well done, boys! I'm over the moon for you.

May Harry have a long and happy life, filled with joy and wonder. I'm certain that he will :)


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something's wrong with Blogger!

Hi everyone

We just signed up to a new Internet Providor and I don't think it's talking properly with my modem, cause for some reason I can't comment on Blogs or see any images.

Please know that I am reading your posts and I'm with you 100%.

Congrats to those about to pick up their baby and others who are pregnant, have just started treatment or have just become parents. I'm rejoicing with you...I wish I could comment! I feel so cut off from you all. :(

I'll do my best to find my voice again soon. Until then, love you lots and keep sharing your news. I'm reading!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Griff's Activity Mat

The Ladies Man

Griff's new nickname at Parent's Group is "The Ladies Man". He looooves the ladies. Loves them. And they seem to love him, too.

This was his first hook-up, a young lady he spent a while trying to attract the attention of...

only to leave her for another girl later in the afternoon.

Joining Parent's Group is the best thing I've done since moving to Sydney. In no time at all, I've gone from having no friends to having 12 girls nearby, all keen to catch up and enjoy our babies. It couldn't be better.

This weekend, I also had two of my very best friends visit. Babies have not come easy to any of us, so we found the weekend especially special. (Hold tight, Queena...your time will come soon!)

I've been catching up on your blogs, dear surro family. So much has happened in the past week. We really are an exciting bunch, aren't we?

I'm back, but something's missing...

Hi everyone. Sorry I've been AWOL this past week. I've been moving house and have just managed to set up the Internet at our new place (and find the time to check emails/blogs). It's VERY hard moving house with an infant. Thank God I had my Mum over to help - she was such a trooper.

Since I've logged back in, I can't seem to see anyone's pictures, or the pics on my own blog. Can you do me a favour and tell me whether you can see my images or not. I've got a few cute photos I'd like to share with you.

Thanks! x

UPDATE: Don't worry, I've fixed the problem. Now I can post some cute pics of the boy!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

chasing a smile

My Mum's here at the moment, and we had the nicest day today. We walked to the beach and had a picnic, then came back home and sat and drank wine on our front porch, overlooking the beach.

It was heavenly.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

miles of smiles

Lots of smiling today. it's like someone turned on a switch. :)

And of course, the more Griff smiles, the more I cry. I'm such a wet sop. Sorry, Griffo - you'll get used to it.